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From concept to completion, or at any point along the way, we can help support you through your build. 

Site Plans, Auckland by OT Quality Builders
Site Management on Villa renovation - OT Quality Builders

For smaller works where you do not currently have existing plans, we will work alongside you to help build a picture of what you are aiming to achieve. This will involve fleshing out and understanding what you wish to achieve and breaking down the process with you. Where needed, we can support you with concept drawings for a clear visual outline.

From conception to creation, OT Quality Builders can take you through your entire build process. We work alongside our associate architectural team to take you through the first steps of your build to ensure your vision comes to life, clearly and efficiently.  


Following your initial meeting, we will work with you to create predesign plans and visual concept drawings to ensure what you see inside your mind is what will be achieved. Working drawings will follow, allowing us to provide you with clear building material and structural calculations, all before the build begins.

Bringing your plans to life can be a confusing process for clients. To help you understand what is involved and the time it will take, we work with you to create a timeline, providing you with a clear week by week guide of what we aim to achieve, allowing you to clearly understand what you can expect to see completed each week. As the build proceeds, we take time to meet with you and discuss where we are sitting and make changes along the way should you decide to modify any components from your initial scope. Clear and honest communication is key alongside any build.

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