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We are a small but passionate team of builders, led by Oliver, who comes with over 10 years of building and project management experience. Oliver’s passion for fine detail has led him to assemble a team of like minded builders who love to fuse both the practical and creative elements of building, ensuring their work is not only produced to the highest quality but also reflects our clients heart in the project. 


Our small, committed and dependable team offer an individualised experience with clear, open and honest communication. We deliver top quality work from only the best builders, tradespeople and subcontractors. We go above and beyond to get the job done and  push ourselves to do better every day. We are passionate about what we do and it shows in every piece of work carried out by our people.

Kaine is nearly two years into his building apprenticeship with BCITO and although the youngest member of our team he is killing it on the building site! Years of hands on experience as a qualified fibre optic technician has helped Kaine in getting the hang of building pretty quickly! 




It is evident that building and property are a huge passion for Oliver. He’s put in the hard yards, jumping straight into his building apprenticeship at just 17. Fully qualified at 21 years old, Oliver moved onto running his own sites and teams. He brings 14 years of experience in high end residential building, a like-minded team of builders and the dedication to bring the life and character back to beautiful homes within Auckland.

“Behind every great building company is a team of great builders but when it comes to selecting new builders to join our team, it’s far from an easy process. Not every qualified builder has the same experience and knowledge as the next. The things that I value most when selecting new builders are creativity and ability to think outside the box. Punctuality, strong communication skills and presentation will also go a really long way. Lastly problem solving is a huge part of our every day life and helps to maintain the smooth running of our sites and strong relationships with clients, sub trades and suppliers.”



Kieran built his way up the North Island from his hometown Opotiki and we were lucky enough to find him upon his move to Auckland! More than 10 years in the building trade has given Kieran has a great mixture of experience from high end residential builds to commercial and shop fit outs. Kieran does an awesome job at running our larger jobs with accuracy and precision and when he’s not working you’ll find him watching the rugby with his furry friend, Cruise. 

“Working within the building industry means I get to work on something new every day, you’re never stuck doing the same thing as a builder. It’s rewarding being able to completely transform a home whilst bringing a clients visions to life.” 



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Sam brings his sterling work ethic all the way from Wanaka so you can count on him to always keep the ball rolling onsite. Sam has also been in the game for more than 10 years and has done some amazing work during that time - recently he spent a couple years in some of the most remote areas of Australia building aboriginal homes! Although Sam’s quite the catch, we are hoping his son plans on following in his footsteps because he’s already getting a lot of attention over here on Instagram! 

“My favourite thing about working within the building industry is being able work hard within a team, seeing the project come to life makes it totally worth it for all of us!” 




Kaine is nearly two years into his building apprenticeship with BCITO and although the youngest member of our team he is killing it on the building site! Years of hands on experience as a qualified fibre optic technician has helped Kaine in getting the hang of building pretty quickly! 

“Specialising in villa and bungalow homes has been super rewarding, I love seeing the instant transformation that comes with updating old to new. The variety of work always keeps
things interesting.”



Connor shifted across to building after a stint working within aluminium joinery and a spot of quantity surveying. Across his apprenticeship, he worked on a number of high end renovations, new builds and group house builds, culminating in becoming fully qualified in 2019. Outside of work, he enjoys playing golf as well as continuing to hone his carpentry finesse with woodworking projects.  

“One thing I love about building is being able to create a vision for clients from the ground up. ”



Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Damian has always been involved and interested in construction. Following his father’s footsteps as a quantity surveyor and project manager, Damian decided to pursue his own building passions. Aside from building, he enjoys keeping active outdoors and a spot of hockey. While only recently qualified, he has made quite an impression stepping into his lead builder role. 

“I enjoy the visual progress of building, especially working with villas, tying the old in with the new. I also enjoy working with the clients and turning their vision into a reality”



David is fresh into his building apprenticeship, coming on board with the team in 2021 straight from school. He comes with a 'can-do' attitude and there is no task to big or small that he can't achieve once he puts his mind to it. David securing himself as a strong member of the team.   



George is the newest member of our team, only getting started with us this year but he's already made a strong impression on the team. He has a quiet determination and efficiently and effectively completes all tasks to a high level of detail. His discipline has been honed and developed over years of playing league, which is reflected in the time and energy he puts into his work on-site. 



New Zealand Certified Builders is a membership organisation set up by a group of trade qualified builders in 1998. These builders wanted to create a group that would protect homeowners from unqualified builders and unethical practices and promote excellence in building standards.

An industry leader, NZCB has an extensive membership of builders throughout New Zealand proudly carrying the NZCB stamp of approval. Each builder is trade qualified with a strong history of stability and success.


We at OT Quality Builders proudly carry the NZCB stamp of approval.

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